film score


Director: Lydia Bruna

Writer: Lydia Bruna

Stars: Milla Hammann, David Engel, Manuel Franz

Music: Maxi Menot

An unrepentant mother tries to reconnect with her estranged daughter.


Director: Sophia Tamaro

Writer: Sophia Tamaro

Stars: Laura Louisa Garde, Jerry Kwarteng, Giovanna Nodari

Music: Maxi Menot

Coming Home tells the story of farmer Andie, who is struggling to tell her seven year old son Archie, that his mummy isn't coming home. When she does, he disappears and she must find him before it's too late.

Director: Sophia Tamaro

Writer: Jo Fox

Stars: Rebecca Root, Tina Barnes, Rachel Brownstein

Music: Maxi Menot

Two vlogging sisters find themselves unexpectedly in a locked room. A live stream is their only connection to outside. The struggle for freedom and the impact on the community is bringing back old disputes.

Director: Orhan Selalmaz

Writers: Orhan Selalmaz, Antonia Roeller (co-writer)

Stars: Anja  Bothe, Bella Gurevich, David Wisniewsky

Music: Maxi Menot