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I am a songwriting producer from Berlin.

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And that's my story

My music could be described as powerful melodies with a Nordic pop sound and a neoclassical approach.

I am a female composing- producer,  co-writing with German and Scandinavian artists as well as scoring (Tatort “Söhne + Väter 2016) and producing (“Kalina Morcuende”, “Eva Diamante”).


I worked with several award- winning producers, such as Aiko Rohd (Cäthe, Meeco) Thomas Eiffert (Lupid) and as score- assistant for film composer Michael Beckmann from Cinesong (“Söhne + Väter” Tatort 2016). Moreover I am writing music for film and televison published by UBM Media and theater music at Staatstheater Saarbrücken under the direction of Klaus Gehre. 
My  productions stand out due to the unique connection of classical, orchestral and chamber music elements and at the same time to my passion for electronic and complex pop arrangements.

Born in Leipzig I moved to Frankfurt to conclude my classical Clarinet diploma at the Conservatory of Music. Besides my studies I took classes with legendary singer- songwriter Annette Marquard, jazz clarinet player Norbert Emminger and german star guitarist Michael Sagmeister. I worked as recording engineer at the in-house sound studio at the Conservatory and composed scores for symphony orchestra. I received several scholarships, such as „Live music now“ from the Yehudi- Menuhin Organization and the Sound- Engineering- Scholarship of London.

I decided to do a master in producing/composing at Popakademie Baden- Württemberg and internships at recording studios in Munich (Clangstudios) and Stuttgart (Klangerfinder) before I finally moved to Berlin.