Debut album NORTHERN TALES coming 2020

The album is a mystical epic story about longing, passion and home, embedded in Nordic folk, orchestral sounds - a special mixture of pop music and orchestra. It runs like a red thread through the whole album. The project was inspired by film music in the style of Florence and the machine "Jenny of Oldstones" (GAME OF THRONES)", Emiliana Torrini "Gollums`s Song" (LORD OF THE RINGS)" and James Newton Howard's "Hanging Tree" (HUNGER GAMES)".

Behind the joint project is the indie pop band The Remaining Part, the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg, the composers Kollektiv track15 and Edition B+.

German/Danish Dream Pop Band.
Three-Piece Maxi, Line, Shary who deliver spherical organic textures with a driving beat and rich melodic lines


Spherical organic textures, driving beats and blurred images- the band The Remaining Part works in a similar dream pop milieu as artists like London Grammar or The XX. A Nordic sound with mellow and melancholic vocals you can fully immerse yourself in.


Together with Line from Copenhagen and Shary, Munich- based with Egyptian roots, Maxi is writing and producing the songs: 3 friends, 2 singers and 1 producer, united as The Remaining Part.


The three girls met some time ago at songwriting camps and began writing music together for other projects and artists. Having done that for a while, they decided it was time to fulfil their own musical vision.



“It should actually be only about the music that means the most to us. We found our own style, we harmonize together in a very special way and the ending result of it is great music”, Maxi says. “Each and everyone of us made their own way through the music business. So musically we have different roots but we understand each other perfectly. This personal relationship is extremely important for our writing process. Now is the time for our music. In Germany I don’t know any other band that sounds like us. But internationally I would think of Florence and the Machine or Birdy” Shary adds. Line says: “I’m inspired so much by Maxi’s sound. It’s rare to meet a female producer. I ‘ve worked a lot with male producers but I have to say that it’s different with women. We speak and discuss more, it feels more like a team. Nobody is wearing the trousers and decides alone. Everyone is equal. That’s what makes working with an all- female team special for me.”



Furthermore Line adds about her lyrical writing: “I love lyrics, specially when they give room for everyone’s personal interpretation. As a writer, if you don’t specify and give away too much, you allow the listener to find their own meaning in the lyrics. So the listener is really the one who decides what story is being told in a song.”

The debut album The Remaining Part is coming out in January 2019. Maxi, the core of the band, creates a magical cinematic sound and brings singers Line and Shary together. The music builds around the two vocalists like a complex structure consisting of thick symphonic sound and delicate lines. It’s a constant balancing act between atmosphere and melody, between intimate and excessive. There are beautiful silent moments contrasting with stormy and exuberant moments. All of it sounds like the soundtrack to your imagination. And in the end it will create and leave the listener with a lasting impression called the remaining part.